Getting to Know Your New Students – Survey and Slideshow!

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The start of school can be overwhelming for teachers, new faces, new names and new relationships to build. Nerves can build up quite fast and routines are not yet in place to rely upon. Mrs. Rutherford turns to Socrative to ease her first day record keeping and classroom management tasks.

Gather pertinent Student Information

What is your full name?
Do you have a preferred nickname?
What’s your home address?
What’s your phone number?
What’s your email address?
What are your parents’ or guardian’s names, workplaces and phone numbers?
Do you have any allergies?
When is your birthday?
What’s your favorite food?
What is your favorite band or musician?

**Use the quiz above with Import code SOC-1612137**

Feel free to edit the activity to best suit your classroom needs.

Remember: The report will be emailed to you so no stack of papers to flip through!

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 2.41.37 PM

 Create a Back to School slideshow!

It’s time to put away the beach towels, set the alarm, and get ready for that first week! School is here and you’ve got a whole new list of students to get to know – what better way than to create a fun and creative photo slideshow to share with parents to present their kids classmates.

We have a great tool in mind that could help you to do that, .

It offers you a simple way to create slideshows that are as unique as each and every one of the students in your classroom. All you have to do is take picture of the kids, upload your photos to or through the iOS app. Sharalike does the rest – literally. Set it to music (you can use your own or simply let Sharalike choose that for you as well), save it and it is ready to share! Sharalike is free to use, and has no limitations.

The simplicity of sharalike, could even allow you to assign your students the task of creating their own to share with the class – maybe a beginning of the year ice breaker to share their summer vacation stories!

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