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Choose-Your-Own-AdventureWhile putting the “final touches” on a lesson plan, I was struck with a decision about the class ending activity. I know students will have questions and concerns about the readings and projects.  I wanted the freedom and flexibility to choose the culminating activity in the moment.  What could I do?
I imported all 3 thinking routines into Socrative, and then allowed myself to choose the culminating activity in the moment.  It was a very freeing feeling to know I was prepared for a great class, and still able to be responsive to the day’s flow and demands.


Here are the 3 Thinking Routines – Import the templates using the SOC #s or create your own. (Click here to learn how to import activities)

Thinking Routine: I Used to Think…, But Now I think...   SOC-17616

Purpose: “This routine helps students to reflect on their thinking about a topic or issue and explore how and why that thinking has changed. It can be useful in consolidating new learning as students identify their new understandings, opinions, and beliefs. By examining and explaining how and why their thinking has changed, students are developing their reasoning abilities and recognizing cause and effect relationships.”  (Project Zero)

Thinking Routine: 1 Better, 1 Puzzle    SOC-18141

Purpose: This routine helps students reflect on their growth in understanding of a topic or issue and then reflect on an area which is still puzzling or confusing.


Thinking Routine: Connect, Extend, Challenge   SOC-18130

Purpose: “A routine for connecting new ideas to prior knowledge” (Project Zero)


So in the end, we used the 1 Better, 1 Puzzle routine.  It fit our needs in the moment and was only a click away.  Later in the evening after reviewing the excel report, I gained many insights into the levels of understanding and could follow up with students on an individual basis before the next class.

Who knows, next class we could choose a different routine, the same, or none at all…but we’re prepared.


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