Jigsaw your way to Collaboration with Socrative

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Collaborative learning has many benefits:

  • Develops higher level thinking skills
  • Builds self-esteem in students
  • Improves oral communication skills
  • Enhances student satisfaction with the learning experience

Puzzle PiecesYet fear of losing classroom control and creating gaps in content coverage can often cause teachers to back off and resort to a didactic teacher led approach.

We’re bringing the Collaboration back!

Let’s recruit Socrative into the mix and modernize the Jigsaw Activity.

The what?

In jigsaws, students research, discuss and analyze subject matter as part of a novice group and then teach as part of a newly formed expert group.

This group formation works best when you have four or five parts of one topic.

Example – Select four components that relate to the civil war  

  • geography
  • timeline
  • causes
  • weaponry

Create 4 novice groups and have each group research significant facts about their topic, then discuss and analyze.  

Then form Expert groups of four so each group has a member with an understanding of the four novice topics.

Each Expert group member then teaches the other members while taking notes on additional questions.  

Bring the whole class together for a larger discussion.

What’s new with Socrative?

  • Quick Check the novice groups with a short quiz to gauge content coverage and see if you should intervene or supplement the content.
  • Use one device per group to enhance team interdependence and include 21st century technology in the process.
  • Run a Space Race with Expert groups to gather data on overall performance, add FUN, and see what topics should be reviewed.
  • Implement Short Answer questions to elicit connections and syntheses.  Project them on the screen and discuss as a whole class.
  • Adjourn with an Exit Ticket to get private data about their personal experiences within their groups as well as individual understanding data.


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