3 Easy Ways to Introduce Socrative – Baby Steps

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what-about-bobThe introduction of a new technology can sometimes bring feelings of trepidation and a “yea, but…” response.

It can be scary!

No need to worry, let’s embrace Bill Murray’s mantra from What about Bob “baby steps”.  With these 3 recommendations, you and your students can gain comfort, maintain a positive attitude and make the most of your class time.

1. Spark an Opening Discussion

As Students file into class have these directions on the board

Log into m.socrative.com

Enter Room Number _______

Example: Which character from last night’s chapter would you most like to have dinner with?  Be prepared to explain why.

A Meg Murry

B Mrs Whatsit

C Mrs Who

D Charles Wallace

E  Calvin O’Keefe

Project the results and have a discussion.  A great follow-up activity is for small groups to create their own multiple choice or short answer questions.  

2. Glimpse Understanding with a Do Now

Create a Quick Quiz before class to help you review HW topics and move students towards the new topics of the day.

As Students file into class have these directions on the board

Log into m.socrative.com

Enter Room Number _______

Students will independently answer the questions.

The individual results will be sent to your email account in one easy to follow report.  After a quick glimpse you can see what areas deserve extra attention and how your students have progressed since the previous class.

3. Exit Ticket

With 5 minutes left in class have students complete the Exit Ticket.  The premade exercise will gather student name, feelings about the subject matter and a written summary of what they believe were the day’s goals.  All you have to do is prepare one question.  You can think of a few options before the day starts or make it real-time. It’s flexible!

Students should:

Log into m.socrative.com

Enter Room Number _______

Complete the Exit Ticket

The results will be emailed to you immediately.

With these 3 activities you and your students will gain familiarity with Socrative and be able to more seamlessly include it in your classroom.  Remember to have fun as you engage, assess and personalize the educational experiences.

Share your ideas!


  1. nic says:

    I want socrative progresive question,(example how,who,wha) etc

    • Nic,
      This is a great idea that can be made a reality in a few easy steps.

      You can create your own template for the 5Ws and H (who, what, when, where, why and how) in the Manage Quizzes section.
      By either Importing a self designed excel spreadsheet or Creating in Socrative, you can have ready made templates to lead your students through progressions of your choosing.


  2. Susan says:

    Our students are getting laptops next year and I can’t wait to use Socrative with them. I’m going to practice it over the summer. These are great ideas. Thank you.

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